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The story behind inddPreview

Already in 2007, with Mac OS 10.5 Leopard, Apple introduced a pretty useful function called Quick Look. It allows for a bunch of file types to have a look into its content without the need to open the file with an application. Very helpful – not only when searching for something.

But various of the proprietary file formats are not supported: such as Adobe® InDesign® documents which show up in Finder with their file icon only, without revealing anything about the content. Waiting for Adobe to support Quick Look was in vain – and still is.

inddQLgenerator – my first piece of Mac software

Plugin icon

At the end of 2008 I was tired of waiting. So I bought a book about Cocoa and Objective-C (I had already written programs in other languages, but never before for Mac), made myself knowledgeable about Quick Look and the file format of InDesign® documents and wrote – finally – a plugin for Quick Look. And it made exactly what I needed: showing previews of InDesign® documents in Finder.

This plugin named inddQLgenerator was my first piece of Mac software and for many years available for free. However, a lot of new versions of InDesign@ have been released in the meanwhile and with them new file formats that are not supported by my plugin, because I stopped developing on it.

Program icon inddPreview Download inddPreview on the Mac App Store

A while ago I decided to work on a new version. The result is inddPreview which comes as an app with a new version of the plugin on board. Thereby the slightly cumbersome manual installation of the plugin is omitted.

With inddPreview installed, all preview images embedded in an Indesign@ document can be shown now. And of course inddPreview also supports the new file format of the CC versions of InDesign®.

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